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How to get more from your Microsoft solutions

We all know Microsoft offers a range of impressive cloud-based IT services; Microsoft 365 is a sterling example. So, how do you get more from your Microsoft solutions? There are many employees within a business that are unaware of the best features and how to unlock them.

Being able to make full use of the Microsoft 365 suite can provide a massive boost to productivity. You can implement new shortcuts, expand your collaborative ability, and tap into tools you never knew existed. That’s where ClipTraining comes in. With ClipTraining, you can truly get more from your Microsoft solutions. Users can have access to on-demand learning opportunities to help expand their knowledge of Microsoft 365 and wider Microsoft services.


Here are the main benefits you can enjoy if you adopt ClipTraining within your business:

Ever-increasing productivity

ClipTraining will help your staff find new ways to speed up those monotonous tasks that would usually take forever. The training showcases useful, and sometimes hidden tools. These tools will enable users to use their time more efficiently and become more dynamic in the way they work. ClipTraining will help your staff find new ways to speed up those monotonous tasks that would usually take forever.

Learn skills fast

ClipTraining is built around the idea that tutorials offer quick and easy learning. Your staff will only need a few minutes of downtime during their day to expand their knowledge of Microsoft 365. This could be whilst they grab a coffee, or even on-the-job, where they hit a roadblock with a certain task.

Constant adaptation

With ClipTraining, new tutorials are released with any new Microsoft update. Your staff will be prepared for changes and adapt quickly when new features and expansions are rolled out.

Work with the pros

All ClipTraining’s tutorials are created by Microsoft’s MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals); which means that quality is guaranteed. Staff will be able to take insight into new skills used by those with the highest Microsoft expertise and experience. For the business, this gives you peace of mind that users are digesting the correct and most useful knowledge.

Knowledge that lasts a lifetime

When employees use ClipTraining, they will be offered tests after each lesson. This is to ensure they know how to implement their newly learned skills into their own roles. By testing new skills repeatedly, you can be sure your staff will retain their skill set for the long term. As a result, this is helping your company adapt and grow as the cloud becomes more integrated with your operations.

ClipTraining is a valuable tool that can widen the knowledge and expertise of employees across any business. You will soon begin to adopt more of the cloud services on offer from Microsoft. As a result, it is vital that staff within businesses know how best to use what is provided to them. And the best part, it costs very far from a fortune!

Talk to us today to get a free trial of ClipTraining and find out how valuable it could be for your business.

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