Mind is a mental health charity with over 140 branches across the UK.  It has been providing advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem for over 70 years.  It campaigns to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health problems for millions.

Main Outcomes

We created a completely customised, scalable and efficient private habitat for applications which transformed Mind’s cloud-based infrastructure. This meant we were able to provide Mind with the perfect balance of high performance, flexibility and affordability.

The Challenge

Mind’s IT infrastructure was ageing fast, performing poorly, becoming expensive to run and reliant on unsupported operating systems, making problem solving a constant and expensive challenge – in essence the entire stack required a complete refresh.

The Cheeky Munkey Approach

Mind selected Cheeky Munkey because of its commitment to going the extra mile in understanding the business and budget pressures and the balancing act needed to keep them running efficiently.  Cheeky Munkey showed they could get the most from their limited budget by providing a cost effective, tailor made IT support solution.

Cheeky Munkey created a customised, scalable and resilient private habitat for applications, delivering the optimum balance of performance, flexibility and cost. Since implementation, Adapt’s cloud-based infrastructure has delivered the following benefits:

  • Flexibility– Adapt’s flexible cloud-based Habitat gives Kivue maximum choice and control, allowing for different performance specifications and price plans within a single network infrastructure and contract.
  • Support 24/7– Cheeky Munkey supports Mind 24/7 from a state-of-the art Managed Services Centre (MSC), utilising powerful monitoring tools to ensure Mind’s services and systems are always running optimally.
  • Dedicated service management– working with Cheeky Munkey, Mind benefits from an innovative Service model – a ‘focused technical centre of excellence’ that takes ownership of Mind’s IT environment and acts as its in-house IT team. This allows Mind’s management team to stay focused on business-building activities, free from reactive day to day hardware maintenance.

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  • Reduce Cost & Risk
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • Increase Business Efficiency & Profitability
  • Technology Consultant

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