The Altajir Trust

UK Charity IT Support

The Altajir Trust is a UK based charity supporting exhibitions, publications, educational activities and other programmes related to Islamic culture and Muslim – Christian relations. It was founded by His Excellency Mohamed Mahdi Altajir and is financed through his charitable donations.

The Challenge

As the Altajir Trust is financed solely by donations, the charity has little money to spend on computer services and so were therefore looking for an IT company that could provide excellent value for money.

The Cheeky Munkey Solution

The Altajir Trust chose Cheeky Munkey knowing they could offer the worthwhile services they required. Not only was Cheeky Munkey able to provide them with great charity IT support but they were also happy to discover that Cheeky Munkey is a flexible company who was able to offer them a Pay As You Go service. The Altajir Trust have found this very beneficial, not only do they not have to worry about being committed to a contract but also they are able to keep an eye on their finances and pay for the services they receive, as and when they need them.

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